Price performance in major metals and minerals

Published on 01-01-1919 00:00:00

THIS IS A TEST ARTICLE; This graph shows the price performance of major metals and minerals from August 2017 to August 2018. On average, over the twelve months, the price of 11 commodities have fallen, while only six have risen.

Within the group, vanadium has performed exceptionally, along with Tungsten, oil, uranium and nickel, while cobalt has performed admirably.

Vanadium has continued its rise, doubling in price in the period after performing the same trick in 2016/2017, while Tungsten, even after having recently given up some of its gains, is also ridding high.

As for the worst performers, zinc, like copper, saw a strong first 101/2 months, followed by a period of weakness in mid to late June and onwards. While silver saw slight easing in price, from US$16.10/oz in July 2017, to US$15.84/oz in June 2018.

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