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Princess Private Equity Holding is an investment holding company domiciled in Guernsey that invests in private equity and private debt. Its portfolio may include direct, primary and secondary fund investments. Princess aims to provide shareholders with long-term capital growth as well as an attractive dividend yield. The shares are traded on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange.

Investment summary

Following high investment activity in 2018, which allowed Princess Private Equity (PEY) to become fully invested, its balance of new investments vs realisations has been broadly neutral so far in 2019. PEY received c €68m in distributions, mainly from the winding down of legacy funds and gradual disposal of Ceridian HCM shares. The proceeds were used to finance a healthy dividend (current yield of 5.7%) and €52m in new deals, mainly in fairly defensive sectors such as healthcare and education. We also note that PEY’s investment manager (Partners Group) has agreed to fully exit Action (PEY’s second largest holding). NAV total return to end-October was a solid 14.0%, driven by the revaluation of holdings on the back of robust organic growth (eg Action) and continued execution of the ‘buy-and-build’ strategy (eg Permotio).

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Key management
Felix Haldner Partner
George Crowe Investor Relations