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Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust’s objective is to achieve long-term capital growth in excess of the capital return of the benchmark FTSE World index by investing in a diversified portfolio of international quoted investments.

Investment summary

Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust’s (MNP) investment performance has improved considerably following the appointment of Zehrid Osmani as lead manager on 1 October 2018. However, he remains vigilant, continuing to seek long-term, attractive investment opportunities. The trust’s more concentrated portfolio contains the manager’s highest-conviction ideas, and is constructed without reference to the FTSE World index benchmark. Part of the in-depth fundamental research process involves focusing on three long-term megatrends: the future of technology, demographic change and resource scarcity. MNP is a member of the large AIC Global sector; while the peers follow different mandates, the trust’s pure equity, fundamental investment approach has proved successful and MNP is ranked second out of 16 funds over the last 12 months.

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Key management
Neil Gaskell Chairman
Christopher Pyrkosz Head of Investment Trust Marketing
Zehrid Osmani Fund manager