Edison Atlantic: An introduction

Published on 27 February 2022

The age of dark capital

A perfect storm of low yields, passive investment trends and tightened regulation has created a critical market disconnect between listed companies and investors. The result is dark capital – vast pools of potential liquidity most companies are not aware of and cannot access.

The US has the deepest liquidity pools and c $9tn is allocated to overseas equities. However, much of it – especially within small to mid-sized institutions and single family offices – is likely to be dark to your listing right now because private wealth is spread widely across the US and managed by tens of thousands of different organisations.


Transatlantic potential

Despite the complexity, you may be surprised by how much dark capital can be accessed with the right US strategy, planning and execution. Comparative valuations of European stocks are often attractive to US funds, especially those with a deep sector experience that understand your investment case logic.

Enter brilliant knowledge

How Edison Atlantic helps you access dark capital is not a dark art, but we also do not have any competitors. We can multiply the benefits of producing award-winning research by distributing it across a coast-to-coast readership that lights up a broad and deep network of US-based personal relationships. We work with institutions of all types and sizes, as well as family offices and private wealth funds. To remain connected in this ever-evolving landscape, our marketing team uses cutting-edge technology to make sure your investment case reaches previously dark investors.

For more information, please email enquiries@edisongroup.com, call the US office on +1 646 653 7026 or contact:

Rachel Caroll (New York office)


DL +1 (1) 646 653 7026

Oliver Haslam (London office)


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